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My Mission

Hi, I am Michelle McKeon, a Functional Nutritionist. I am dedicated to guiding you in identifying the root cause of your symptoms so that you can begin feeling like YOU again! I will take a deeper look into your genetics, environment, and lifestyle to create a personalized roadmap to restore your health!


The Mind-body Connection

There is always a reason as to why you are feeling the way that you are.  It is important to listen to your body and what it is telling you.  This was one of the most difficult lessons that I had to understand during my health journey.  However, also one of the most crucial. 

Balancing Pathways is about working as a team with your body to fully understand and support it in the healing process.  Through combining holistic mind-body medicine with evidence-based nutrition therapy, we can focus on a maintainable protocol that allows you to fully participate in life again! 


How I can help

· In-depth medical, diet, and lifestyle intake review

· Time and space to go over your health history

· Assessment of your previous lab work, and any supplements or medications you are currently taking

· Supply information on specific tests that you can order for diagnosing tick-borne infections, Candida, heavy metal toxicity, mold issues, mineral deficiencies, methylation issues, gut problems, and food sensitivities

· Create a manageable individualized health plan


Set up a free 15-minute consult


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If after the 15-minute session, you are interested in moving forward with working with Balancing Pathways, I can send you the initial intake form to fill out, and then discuss any other information that would be helpful in sending over as well.

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Why you should call

“Michelle is so amazing, compassionate, effective and professional with her work. She is passionate and committed to see her clients get well. We are still detoxifying and recovering. Though I feel we will be fully recovered soon after we complete the remaining treatments and detoxing. I already experience the wave of well-being. Heart felt gratitude to all of you and Michelle.” Vivianne Nantel & Line Nantel

“Michelle made everything ok from the start. She has also told me how to get my thoughts around all the strange little things that are part of Lyme – mold, heavy metals, fog… and she helped me understand in a way that people with brain fog can grasp (I know – we’re pretty much talking miracles here). I looked forward to her calls and emails. For the first time in a long time I actually thought there was a way through and out of this. Michelle was a friend who actually understood! I just wish I could thank her in person for her kindness, her friendship, and her knowledge. I am well, and it feels like a miracle. I did not even remember what wellness felt like – phew – all I can say is that it is better than you think.” Kirstin Bokor

“I’d like to give an unqualified recommendation to Michelle. Michelle understands the patient point of view and takes a very pragmatic yet caring approach to helping sufferers along the healing process.” Anonymous Business Executive

“Michelle McKeon, provided me not only with all of the information and guidance I could possibly need, but also a lot of encouragement along the way.” Hannah Barry